Monday with the gang... 💀💀💀
Twinning! You probably have a girlfriend, wife, sister or mom who deserves a beauty like this 😱👋🏻❤️
Elegant and feminine 14 carat gold pink pearl / diamond / precious stone drop earrings. Only one pair! 😍💗😍
Starstruck 14 carat gold ring with white diamond - perfect for a luxurious Christmas present 💫💫💫
Diamond details 💎❤️💎 Black and white diamonds in 14 carat gold and leather bracelet.
Monday... back at it! 🔥⚒⚖️
We've got new Christmas windows and lots of gold for you! 😍💎🎩
Just finished this custommade beauty! 🦁❤️🦁14 carat gold lion king pendant with 149 0.02 ct white diamonds!
Custommade ring for the father of Malou ❤️ Gold and lots of black diamonds. 💎⚒💎